We'll leave this right here...

Opening a brewery ain’t easy. Oh, sure we’ve talked about it for years, but finally our Head Brewer’s wife basically told him to roll the dice or leave the table. So, here we are. We’re betting on an open brewery concept in a beer-barren slice of Oakland County, Michigan.

The wager

Our Head Brewer, Jef, likes to talk – and for once it may have been a good thing. He's spoken to so many people about the concept and the brewery, that a it's started to create a bit of a buzz. Scraping together money for a brewery while being a family man (father of three) is not the easiest thing to do. He's collected bottles. He's saved change. He’s even taken some of it to the casino to increase funds (hey, this is Loaded Dice Brewery after all).

Surprise! They’re actually aren’t that many great breweries once you get outside a certain radius of Detroit. The good people of Oakland County, deserve fresh beer and a fun atmosphere. We’ve already begun scouting and researching different locations in this area. So not only is this good business, it’s being good Samaritans. Samaritans who make really good beer.

Nothing to hide here...

Loaded Dice will be an "open brewery." Think open kitchen at a restaurant. We want to create and encourage conversation about the beers we brew. Want to know our recipes? Our cards are on the table. Malt. Water. Hops. Yeast. We want you to know what we know, and what you know, ya know? We even have a super-secret mobile app in the works to help with this. (Hey, that's another revenue stream!)

But the conversation goes both ways. It can’t be all about our ideas. We’ll regularly tap (another pun) our customers for their great ideas and, heck, we might even make those ideas into beers. We’re going to set the standard for what an “open brewery” should be.

Open Source Brewery

We believe in sharing information. This is why we have decided to borrow themes from the open source community and reveal the “source code” of our brewery. Not only will we openly share all our beer recipes but also the processes we’ve been through to open and run the brewery. Expect to see mash schedules, fermentation profiles, brew house and bar schematics and many other things related to Loaded Dice Brewery. We feel sharing of this information is a great way to give back to the brewing community and help educate others looking to open a brewery.