Ready to take a gamble? Loaded Dice Brewery is offering Barrel Aged Futures Bets for some of your favorite brews. This is a great way to get in early and reserve your spot for a future barrel release. It's a true futures bet! This year we are putting a bit of a twist on The Futures Bet to make it a bit more of a "wager".

Note: Sales for the 2023 Futures Bets will start on 11/25 at 12PM.
Buy More. Get More! 

The basics of your Futures bet

A total of 120 Futures Bets are available. With each Futures Bet, you are guaranteed six (6) 16.9 oz bottles from any of the barrel aged beers available. Each Futures Bet will cost $80.

Each Futures Bet will be assigned a Betting Slip and Futures Bet Number in the order that they were placed. Along with your Futures Bet, you will get a Limited Edition Futures Bet Poker Chip. Hang on to these for next year. *wink* *wink*

There will be a Futures Bet Release Party (Tentatively scheduled for 7/15/23) where your Futures Bet Number(s) will be drawn randomly. You have to be present for the release party, or send a proxy (see rules below).

When a Futures Bet Number is drawn, the holder of that Betting Slip and Number will select at least 6 bottles for the entire lot of Futures Bet beers that are available. 

Samples will be made available to taste and help you to decide.

When your Futures Bet Betting Slip Number is called, you can pull from the entire lot of bottles. It will be one pull per slip. So, if you bought two (2) bets, your first number pulled will get six (6) bottles. Then when your second number is pulled, you will get seven (7) bottles. 

We will continue to draw until all numbers are called. Doing the quick math, we should have over 1350+ bottles for 120 Futures Bets, so there should be plenty available. 

Add Ons for this year

Potential Beers*

Barleywine in an Aged Mead Bourbon Barrel **

Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Vanilla Stout **

Non-Adjuncted Stout aged in 8+ Year Willett Wheated Bourbon Barrel **

Bourbon Barrel Aged Ancho Chili & Cinnamon Stout **

Celebrated Pedestrian in a Basil Hayden Toasted Bourbon Barrel **

TBD Beer in a Weiss Distillery Bourbon Barrel **

Wood Aged Lager ****

* Subject to change. We will have 3-4 55 Gallon barrels, and will supplement with smaller format barrels to fill out the portfolio. The goal is to have 4-6 diferent beers to choose from. ** Already brewed and in barrels*** Brewed but not in the barrel **** Yet to be brewed 

RULES & Other important sh*t

*Note: We will keep a small portion for bottling and cellaring of each barrel.