The Beers

What about the beer, Ace?

Loaded Dice Brewery will produce several styles of high quality ales and lagers ranging from light ales, designed to be an introduction to microbrews, to the rich exciting and diverse assortment of experimental and extreme styles of eccentric ales that Michigan is known for. Specialty beers, seasonal beers, wild ales, and even fruit beers will also be produced. However, Loaded Dice also plans to have a core group of mainstays which customers can expect to always be on tap. What follows is a compilation of possible house mainstays, open to revision and expansion, with at least eight beers available at any given time.

Next Planned Batch

Recipe: Rainbow Jackpot

Style: Milkshake IPA

Brewday: 06/06/21

Description: This Milkshake IPA is one of those beers that was done in collaboration with some of our regulars. Nachelle and Nicole worked with me to come up with a beer for Pride Month. $1 from each pint sold will go to Affirmations of Detroit.

Expected measurements: ABV 7.1% ● IBU 23 • 6 SRM


One Last Bet - Simple and clean. This beer will be a mainstay here at LDB. Mildly hopped with a crisp, golden color. This should be malt forward and is best enjoyed with a chunk of bread or cheese. While lowish on the ABV and sessionable, One Last Bet can be enjoyed year round. (Probable availability date: 06/12/21)

Juicy Side Bet - Our flagship NEIPA that has loaded with citrus and juice. We use Bergamot hops from Hang Em High Hops in Freesoil, MI is the star of this show. Nicknamed "O.A.F." there is no lack of orange in this hop. (Probable availability date: 06/11/21)

Red Five Standing By - Our spin on an American Red Ale. This malt forward red ale hits you with a lot of flavor like subtle fig and raison and is lightly hopped with Cascade and Centennial hops to give you notes of citrus and pine with each sip. (Probable availability date: 06/10/21)

BATCHES In Planning

Triple Draw Low Ball - We made My First Bet, which was an homage to Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. Now, we are honoring another one of our favorite beers, Pliney the Younger, and making a Triple West Coast IPA. This is going to be big and full of resin. Notes of caramel, pine and citrus will be all over this beer.

Betting System // Eureka! - I get talked into a lot of things pretty easily. I'll be the first to admit it. My buddy Mike T. over at Michigan Hop Alliance worked me like a rookie and made me buy a few pounds of a new hop called Eureka! This will be an IPA with hop additions added in a reverse Fibonacci sequence. Ask me what that means.

The Luckiest Man - Sour ale with grilled pineapple, coconut and rum soaked vanilla beans.

Rotating Handles

Our unique configuration allows for our customers and other local breweries to collaborate with our head brewer to come up with new, and interesting brews. This means that we will always (or usually) have something new on tap. While, we will have some mainstays, our hope is to rotate through our libary of recipes and bring back some of the more popular ones as the mainstays.

We also want there to be a beer inspired by one of our customers and others on tap. This can also give the brewpub a great sales boost as there is no better way to market something than by word of mouth. The beer creators will be able to tell their friends and family when their beer is on tap at the pub and to come enjoy a pint or two with the person who brewed it. Also, this will be a "Happy Tap" where $1/pint of the proceeds from this brew will go to a local charity.


  • Field Bet Wheat (5.2% ABV, 18 IBU)

  • Home Game Lager (4.8% ABV, 18 IBU) - Silver Medal in the 2019 MI Beer Cup

  • Fat King - Weizenbock (8.7%, 22 IBU) - Silver Medal in the 2019 MI Beer Cup & 2019 Music City Brew Off

  • Gamblin' Hat Imperial American Brown Ale (10.4%, 32 IBU)

  • Juicy Side Bet - NEIPA (7.1% 48 IBU)

Specialty Series

  • Hard-ways Series (Chili-Stout, Extra Hopped IPA, Fruit Wheat Beer, and a Rye Lager)

  • Aces & 8’s Series (Twice a year series “splitting” recipes for a unique blend of brew)

  • Hi/Lo Series (Barrel-aged stouts, Dark IPAs, Session Ale)