Ready to take a gamble? Loaded Dice Brewery is offering Barrel Aged Futures Bets for some of your favorite brews. This is a great way to get in early and reserve your spot for a future barrel release. It's a true futures bet! This year we are putting a bit of a twist on The Futures Bet to make it a bit more of a "wager".

Note: Sales for the 2024 Futures Bets will start on 11/24 at 12PM.
Buy More. Get More! 

The basics of your Futures bet

Terrific Two Tiers 

The Futures Bet beers will be placed into two tiers this year, so that you can get a small amount if you choose, but you won't get many of the perks by getting a normal entry. But, it's a great way to get in on the action. 

Once we package all the beer, we will sort them into two groups: High Demand and Highly Available

High Demand will be the beers with lower yields and ones we anticipate will be the most sought after beers. 

Highly available will be beers that we have enough to spread out pretty much to everyone. 

Tier 1: $45/3 Bottles 

The perfect way to dip your toe into the Futures Bet craze. This tier will get three (3) bottles, but won't get many of the cool stuff that comes with the full Futures Bet entry.  This tier isn't eligible for the draft or the mulitple purchase bonuses (chart above). More information about this tier is outlined below:

*Only 25 available 

Tier 2: $90/6-8 Bottles 

We are keeping it the same, but of course we are going to put some twists to it, because that's what we do. Damn those Tier 1 people.

Here's what is the same: 

Here's what is tweaked: 

*Only 75 available 


Potential Beers*

Gambling With the Knucklebones of Wolves (Barleywine) in Iron Fish Bourbon/Port Barrel **

Shotgun Strategy (Stout) Double Barrel Aged: 10 months in a Heaven Hill barrel. 10 months in a Basil Hayden Toast Bourbon Barrel **

Vor's Gone Phishing (Russian Imperial Stout) aged in 8+ Year Elijah Craig Bourbon Barrel: we will split this into two beers: one plain, and one flavored (Flavor TDB) **

Imperial Pastry Stout split across two Wiess Distilling Barrels: One will be plain, and the other will be a redo of Leaking Chips (Chocolate, Coffee and Coconut) from '23 ***

Celebrated Pedestrian in a TBD Barrel ***

Wood Aged Lager or Sour ***

* Subject to change. We will have 3-4 55 Gallon barrels, and will supplement with smaller format barrels to fill out the portfolio. The goal is to have 5-7 diferent beers to choose from. ** Already brewed and in barrels*** Yet to be brewed 

RULES & Other important sh*t

*Note: We will keep a small portion for bottling and cellaring of each barrel.